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New Owner for 55016 and 55022 (30.11.17)
Locomotive Diesels Ltd. has announced that they are the new owners of 55016 and 55022. [Click Here]
New Operator for Northern Belle (15.11.17)
West Coast Railways buys Northern Belle luxury railtour business from Belmond. [Click Here]
Update on Deltic Locomotives 55016 and 55022 (20.10.17)
Reports on RAIL online magazine that 55016 and 55022 have been put up for sale have been clarified by owner Martin Walker. [Click Here]
Locomotive Services Granted Operating Licence (04.08.17)
Locomotive Services (TOC) Ltd. has been granted an operating licence for mainline running. [Click Here]
Steam to run on Settle & Carlisle Timetabled Trains (14.01.17)
60163 'Tornado' is to run on 3 consecutive days in February on the S&C between Skipton and Appleby. [Click Here]
D9009 ALYCIDON to run on 'The Hull and Leeds Executive' (01.01.17)
Mainline tour with D9009 announced. [Click Here]
C.F.P.S. Announces North Wales Railtour with 40145 (25.12.16)
The Class 40 Preservation Society announces their first tour for 2017. [Click Here]
Statesman Rail Sold to Locomotive Services Ltd. (20.11.16)
Following on from the sale of the air-con rake of Statesman Rail Mk2 coaches in May 2016, the entire Statesman Rail railtour business has also been sold to to Locomotive Services Ltd. [Click Here]
Vintage Trains and Locomotive Services Ltd. Apply for Operating Licence (19.11.16)
Vintage Trains Ltd. who operate the Shakespeare Express and other steam charters and Locomotive Services Ltd., the company founded by steam locomotive owner Jeremy Hosking, have applied for operating licences to enable them to run their own mainline charter trains [Click Here]