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Statesman Rail Sold to Locomotive Services Ltd. (20.11.16)
Following on from the sale of the air-con rake of Statesman Rail Mk2 coaches in May 2016, the entire Statesman Rail railtour business has also been sold to to Locomotive Services Ltd. For many years Statesman has operated steam and diesel excursions on the main line railway including the steam hauled 'Fellsman' over the Settle & Carlisle Railway. The Fellsman on the Settle & Carlisle Railway While now part of Locomotive Services Limited, Statesman Rail will continue to operate independently. Working with existing train operating company West Coast Railways and using the same rolling stock that has delighted passengers for years. Bookings for services in 2017 have now opened and include five spectacular steam hauled journeys of the iconic Fellsman over the soon to be reopened Settle and Carlisle railway, along with nine other trains scheduled to run throughout 2017.