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New Owner for 55016 and 55022 (30.11.17)

Locomotive Diesels Ltd., a division of Locomotive Services Ltd. who are based in the former Crewe Diesel Depot at Crewe have announced that they have bought Deltic locomotives 55016 'Gordon Highlander' and 55022 'Royal Scots Grey' from Martin Walker. The sale comes after last month's reports of the the possible sale of the two Deltic locomotives if the right buyer came along. The new owner is steam enthusiast Jeremy Hosking whose Crewe based companies together with new TOC have announced their attention to run mainline charters, with the need for both steam and diesel traction. Previous owner Martin Walker and his support crew will still be involved with the two Deltics which will now move to Crewe. Locomotive Diesels Ltd. have previously bought former mainline Class 47s including 47501, 47790, 47805, 47841 from DRS and 47811 and 47816 from Freightliner.

For more information visit : Deltic Duo Joins the Fleet and 55 022 & D9016 New Owners