HST power car no. M43046 is seen at at Leamington Spa on the back of 5Z44 a positioning move to return Locomotive Services newly repainted Midland Pullman HST set from Arlington Fleet Services, Eastleigh Works to its home base at Crewe. M43055 was the leading power car with repainted Mk3 coaches 41176 + 41108 + 41162 + 41059 + 40801 + 41182 + 41169 + 44078.
Photo by Jack Pallister, 30th October 2020.

** After the new lockdown annoncement on 31st October, railtours have been postponed or cancelled between 5th November and 3rd December and many others have now been cancelled in December. Please also check with the Tour Promoter for latest information on your Railtour **