Diesel Hauled Railtours 2008


Sunday 14th September - "The Lochalsh Special"
(Grampian Railtours/SRPS)(EWS)

1Z27 Aberdeen - Kyle of Lochalsh

Aberdeen         d.08:44
Dyce             a.08:57
Dyce             d.08:59
Inverurie        a.09:11
Inverurie        d.09:13
Kennethmont        09/38
Huntly           a.09:48
Huntly           d.09:50
Keith            a.10:08
Keith            d.10:09
Elgin            a.10:33
Elgin            d.10:38
Forres           a.10:58
Forres           d.10:59
Nairn            a.11:14
Nairn            d.11:15
Millburn Junc.     11/33
Rose St          a.11:38
Rose St          d.11:40
Clachnaharry       11/44
Clunes I.B.        11/53
Muir of Ord      a.12:00
Muir of Ord      d.12:02
Dingwall         a.12:11
Dingwall         d.12:34
Garve            a.13:04
Garve            d.13:06
Achnasheen       a.13:40
Achnasheen       d.13:42
Strathcarron     a.14:13
Strathcarron     d.14:15
Kyle of Lochalsh a.15:01

1Z28 Kyle of Lochalsh - Aberdeen

Kyle of Lochalsh d.16:26
Strathcarron     a.17:08
Strathcarron     d.17:09
Achnasheen       a.17:45
Achnasheen       d.17:46
Garve            a.18:17
Garve            d.18:18
Dingwall         a.18:45
Dingwall         d.18:50
Muir of Ord      a.19:00
Muir of Ord      d.19:02
Clunes I.B.        19/10
Clachnaharry       19/22
Rose St          a.19:27
Rose St          d.19:39
Millburn Junc.     19/49
Nairn            a.20:06
Nairn            d.20:07
Forres           a.20:21
Forres           d.20:22
Elgin            a.20:44
Elgin            d.20:46
Keith            a.21:16
Keith            d.21:17
Huntly           a.21:36
Huntly           d.21:50
Kennethmont        22/03
Insch            a.22:10
Insch            d.22:11
Inverurie        a.22:24
Inverurie        d.22:26
Dyce             a.22:40
Dyce             d.22:42
Aberdeen         a.22:54